*200 hour YTT - Yoga Vida NYC
*55 hour Gaea Grounded training, Charleston, SC
*110 hour Yin Yoga teacher training
*50 hour teacher training - Energetic Subtle Body Laughing Lotus NYC

Hometown:  born in Colorado lived in Virginia and North Carolina, New York, and Charleston! All over.

When I’m not teaching you'll find me: at a brewery with friends or a local concert. If it's football season you will find me watching every game.

My mantra: You are enough, you are worth it, you are loved.

My “at bat” song: anything by Grouplove.

In my classes you can expect: laughter.

Badass Moment:  I try to live in a constant state of bad-assery.

Yoga myth:  yoga is for flexible people.

My most influential mentor: my dog. She has this existence figured out.

Party Pose: not one to bust out in yoga moves... But bird of paradise is fun!

I dream of: peace, but also new understanding & no more ignorance.