Are you interested in Ashtanga Mysore style but feel apprehensive about starting? If the idea of self-practice feels overwhelming for you, this 2 hour intro workshop will prepare you for an easy entry into a yoga method that can transform your life!For many people who are new to yoga or don’t know the Ashtanga series by memory, self-practice might seem scary. No need to worry, Mysore style self-practice is for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.
The only requirement is a willingness to learn!

We will cover:

The fundamental techniques of breath, bandhas and drishti used in the ashtanga practice.

What actually happens in a mysore style class and what to expect.

We will run through the beginning postures of the sequence in detail.

Each student will be given personalised instruction on how far to go so they know exactly what to do when they attend mysore class.

Suitable for :
Anyone new to Mysore
Complete Beginners

Ashtanga yoga is meant to be learnt 'Mysore-style', (self practice) as taught in Mysore, the town in South India where this practice originated. The student will learn and then memorise the sequence in increments, steadily improving as they practice.

Mysore classes are for students of all levels, from beginners through to advanced, with various levels of students practicing side by side in the same class.

Each student will get individual guidance, adjustments and instruction from the teacher as needed.



All workshops are non-refundable.