Urban Yoga takes pride in our mission to give back to the community!  Each month our feature teacher chooses a local non-profit organization that hits close to home in some way.  We bring awareness to these amazing change makers, and we donate the proceeds from our monthly held YOGA FOR A CAUSE donation-based class to their causes.  For April, this month's feature teacher, Michelle, has chosen to bring our awareness and support the Fields to Families!  

According to the USDA, an estimated 35.5 million people, including 12.6 million children, were food insecure in 2006. That means they had difficulty getting enough food due to a lack of resources.

Fields to Families has set out to change that, and they're focusing on our local community.

Founded in 2006, Fields to Families is a nonprofit organization located in Charleston, South Carolina, that helps the hungry in our community gain access to nutritious fruits and vegetables.


Fields to Families serves as a link between local farms and community organizations who help feed the hungry. It is a three-step process:

When farmers have fruit and vegetables that they can spare, either because they can’t harvest them in time or because they simply can’t use them, they contact Fields to Families.

Volunteers for Fields to Families are mobilized to those farms. When they get there, they spend some time in the dirt picking the unwanted produce.

Those fruits and vegetables make their way to Lowcountry organizations that feed the hungry, including food pantries, soup kitchens, Meals on Wheels, shelters and churches. From there, the nutritious bounty is distributed to those in need.

This will be an all levels class, so every BODY is welcome!

PRICE:  Suggested donations of a minimum of $20.