Sangha Spotlight: Tanner

We asked Tanner Crunelle how he usually feels when he leaves class at Urban.
When I walk out of a class from Urban, I usually feel satisfied, full, complete.” Read more about Tanner -> -> ->


Sangha Spotlight: Sydney

We asked Sydney Barnett her general thoughts on Urban.
They are a community, a safe place to open up your heart and your mind. They are women and men who show up everyday and help push you to your limit and then remind you to breathe..” Read more about Sydney -> -> ->

Sangha Spotlight: Carrie

“I love practicing yoga because it's time away from my real world.”
Carrie Montgomery, SBO of The Dog Wash, on how she feels about yoga. Read more about Carrie -> -> ->


Sangha Spotlight: Melissa

“I’m always so happy I came to my mat and feel more centered and better able to handle all the stress life throws at us. And I love the physical rewards of feeling strong and working my bod. I also feel grateful as there are no others studio like Urban around town. I love the focus on mindfulness, head space over body ego and community involvement.” -Interior Designer of Urban Yoga + many beautiful houses around the Charleston area, Melissa Lenox.
Read more about Melissa -> -> ->

Sangha Spotlight: Laura

“All teachers at Urban, literally, held my hand as my body, mind, and breath learned and practiced each pose over and over again.”
Laura Sabatini was one of the very first students of Urban Yoga, taking her first ever yoga class before our space on King opened. Read more about Laura -> -> ->


Sangha Spotlight: Zoe

We asked Zoe Murrie what she loves most about practicing yoga at Urban.
When I first walked into Urban I really felt like I had found a safe space and a home away from home and I still feel like that to this day.”
Read more about Zoe -> -> ->