Do you feel blocked?  Is fear, anxiety or anger blocking you from manifesting courage, empowerment, creativity, compassion and intuition in your life?  This workshop will address these blocks on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  

You will be guided through pranayama, led through asanas that correspond to each chakra, given a mantra for each chakra, understand the elements and channels and how you have an entire universe within you.  We will explore how vibration and alignment create the change you can imagine in your life!  You will be empowered to move past the fluctuations of mind and emotion into high state of consciousness!  

Where thought goes, energy flows!  Come cleanse, declutter, and balance your mind, body and spirit!  Tune in and you will be tuned up!  

Polly Christy, teaching yoga since 2008, is a certified 800 hour teacher in Ashtanga based Hatha Yoga tradition of Jivamukti, a student of Sharon Gannon and David Life.  She has also been practicing Chinese Medicine since 1997, as a Master of Acupuncture, with emphasis on acupressure and massage.  

*Sorry, no refunds on workshops/special events.  Workshops not included in regular class passes or memberships.


$35 through September 27 ||  $45 September 28-October 4, 2019