Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

*Where do I park?  In addition to metered street parking, there's a parking garage on Mary St. behind the studio that is $1-2/hour.  Parking is free at meters until 9am making those early classes cost-free!  Or go GREEN and bike on down, as there's a "wave" bicycle rack directly behind the studio in the alley off Mary St, in addition to one in front of 474 King St.  Free street parking on St. Philip - make sure you check street signs for hour limits and street sweeping. (Please do not park your bikes in our landscaped walkway or inside our building lobby.)

*What do I wear?  It is recommended to wear moisture-wicking, breathable clothing in which you can easily move, stretch, and breathe.  

*What do I bring?  Mats and towels, but we rent Manduka proLite mats for $2 and sell face towels for $2.  We have a filtered water station in the lounge so BYOB (bring your own bottle) or purchase a reusable bottle from us for $8!  Most importantly, bring an open mind.

*Can I sign up online?  Yes, you can book through our website.  But you can also sign up through the free Mind Body app, available for all smart phones, and just favorite Urban Yoga Charleston.  We ask is that you please be sure to cancel at least 1 hour prior to class if you cannot attend, or your card will be charged a full drop-in rate or one class deducted from your pass.  You may do this via Mind Body online or app (please do not call us or email us to cancel).

*Who can take class with URBAN?  EVERYBODY of course!  We offer a wide variety of classes for all levels of experience, despite gender, age, or flexibility.  Ponder over our class descriptions or ask us which class is best suited for you!  We encourage you to try a variety of styles and teachers as well.  And chances are if you’re thinking “I’m terrible at yoga” or “I can't touch my toes,” then this is probably the right place for you!

*How can I benefit from yoga?  Yoga offers you the opportunity to improve your flexibility and strength, obviously, but there are numerous proven health benefits that are possible to obtain from a regular yoga practice.  Lower blood pressure and blood sugar.  Reduced stress and anxiety.  Pain relief.  Improved balance, bone health, and joint range of motion.  Detoxification of your major organs and increased blood flow.  And on and on….  Basically a happier, healthier version of yourself.  Who wouldn’t want that?

*Can I practice if I’m pregnant?  Of course you can.  We advise you to consult your doctor first, and most importantly listen to your body and what feels best for you.  

*Are all the classes heated?  Not all, but for most classes, our infrared heating panels will be set to roughly 80-85 degrees, which is just enough to get you warm prior to and during the beginning of class.  Your practice itself will bring more heat into your body after that.  Hot Power (H) & Inferno Hot Pilates classes are set to 90-95 degrees.  Monday 10:45am and noon classes on MWF are non-heated and will be roughly 80 degrees.  If you love getting your sweat on, we recommend you find a space directly under one of the radiant heating panels, and a bit away from them if you prefer a milder effect.  Infrared panels work by heating water, and since our bodies are mostly water, the panels heat the students - not the air around them.  

*Where do I put my mat?  To make it easier and more time efficient when you enter the practice space, we have markers on the floor that designate where to line up the middle of the top of your mat.  This takes the guesswork out of it for you, and less hassle in having to ask those already settled in to scoot over. 

*Do you offer any discounts or specials?  Of course!  Just check out our PRICING section, shoot us an email or give us a call.  

*Do you offer private lessons or yoga for events?  We sure do!  We have several teachers who teach private lessons and will come to you.  In addition, we can bring yoga to your special events, schools, businesses, and just about any off-site location...  Just email for more info: email us at [email protected]

*Let’s talk about hydration…  It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day prior to coming to class.  We have a filtered water station in the lounge.  Complimentary hot teas are also available, in addition to a variety of beverages for purchase, including Charleston's own organic Dalai Sofia Kombucha.

Any other questions?  Give us a call or email us at  [email protected]


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