Trainings / Certifications:  RYT 500
*200 hour YTT:  Yoga to The People - New York, NY
*300 hour YTT:  Nosara Yoga Institute - Costa  Rica - including:
*100 hour YTT: Essential Nature Restorative Yoga - Indu Jane  Fryer
*100 hour YTT: Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics - Don Stapleton, Ph.D
*100 hour YTT: Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator, Dr. Don Stapleton, Nosara Yoga Institute

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO

When I’m not teaching, you might find me:  Practicing yoga, playing on the beach, chasing sunsets, dancing with friends, and walking all over Charleston

My mantra:  My breath will be deep and my heart will be open.

My “at bat” song:  Fight Song by Rachel Platten

In my class you can expect:  An energetic yet calming flow, accessible to all levels of yogis!  Focusing on alignment and breath, students will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.  By combining challenging sequences with grounding poses, my classes help students find their balance between effort and ease, hopefully discovering, and loving, a little bit more about themselves along the way.

Badass moment:  Leaving the comfort of my job, friends, and family, to move to the jungle for a month.  Taking a risk, traveling to Costa Rica alone, I dug deep into myself and my practice.  I peeled off layers, I broke down walls.  I found my calling, my path. Immersing myself in yoga, practicing and teaching all day, every day, for a month, was such an “aha” moment for me, helping me to see that teaching yoga is, and forever will be a huge part of me.

Yoga myth:  That you have to be able to touch your toes to practice yoga.  You don’t.  That WILL come when you keep returning to your mat.  We’re all new to something at some point.  As long as you can breath deeply, the more you practice, the more you’ll grow, and the more flexible you’ll get.  

Most influential mentor:  
Endless thanks to Mara Lileas, my mentor at Yoga to The People in NYC, where my yoga journey began.  For being vulnerable, for sharing her struggle with anxiety, showing me that despite my anxiety, I too could stand up in front of a room full of people, and hold space for them.  For helping me to believe that I could be a teacher, and that I could help others find the healing that I’ve found through this practice.  
And to the goddess herself, Indu Jane Fryer, who brought so much magic to Costa Rica, and into my life.  For showing me that it’s okay to slow down, to restore.  Through slowing down, I learned to travel inward.  Through traveling inward, I learned to open a little bit more of my heart, and learned to breathe a little deeper.  

Party Pose:  Scorpion, because it shows that I’m capable of doing things that I once never thought possible.  It’s proof of the undeniable growth that happens when you continuously return to your mat.

I dream:  of Wanderlust.  Traveling the world, while teaching and practicing yoga.  Getting lost in new places, and then finding myself.