steven pose pic.jpg

Trainings / Certifications: 

Yoga teacher; spiritual counselor, spiritual practitioner, ordained minister 

Hometown:  Charleston, SC

When I’m not teaching, you might find me:  biking the Greenway, sipping a margarita, or curled up with a book.

My mantra:  The “how” is none of my business.

My “at bat” song:  "Higher Love"

In my class you will/can expect:  to be lifted up, cheered on, laughter and sweat!

Badass moment:  Leaving a job I hated to do the thing I love (and happen to be good at)!

Yoga myth:  "You need expensive pants, zero body fat, the ability to stand on your hands, etc. to ‘do’ yoga!”

Most influential mentor:  Cyndi Lee, Jason Crandall

Party Pose: Seated in meditation, I’m over 50, my party is in Savasana.

I dream: to fully embody what I teach. I’ll also take a mountain home full of dogs & cats.